Made to Thrive

I’ve heard countless stories over the years of the Dirty 30’s; it was a devastating time for Saskatchewan people.  I was a product of the drought in the late 80’s. My teen years were spent with dry, hot winds in the summer, little to no snow in the winter, and blowing alkali salt from the Old Wives Lake that had gone dry.   Grasshoppers, tumble weeds, and dust were a part of our life.  It was a very depressing, discouraging time to live.  It was all we and many other families could do to stay afloat.  We were small, mixed farmers and lived off the land.  Our cow herd had to be sold due to respiratory problems from the blowing salt in one of the worst market slumps at the time. Big, soggy good milking cows went for pennies on the dollar; the herd my dad and grandpa had painstakingly raised were basically given away.

I remember that ominous feeling; wondering when the bone dry landscape would ever come to life again.  Money was tight.  I had only 3 good t-shirts to wear to school that one spring and I found out years later that while Sis and I were at school, Dad and Mom would only have oranges for lunch since money was so scarce.  Those were hard times.

These days, I drive through the rolling hills in southern Saskatchewan and breathe in the expansive acres of lush green grass, fields of grain growing to the heavens and sloughs overflowing with fresh rainwater that has frequently watered our dark, fertile earth.  There is something about fixing one’s eyes upon prosperity, growth and production.  I soak up that healing view and remind myself that, when there are dry days they don’t last forever.  I remind myself that I must make a point to look on “what is good, noble, pure and of good report….” and that whatever I fill my mind with will either fertilize or dry-up my spirit within.

I think of those verses found in Ezekiel 37:1-14 about speaking to the dry bones.  (Take time to read the entire passage.  It will encourage you.) You may feel that your bones are dried up.  That you have no life left to live… but there is HOPE! You have the power of Almighty God living inside of you! Start to speak LIFE to those dried up places.  God promises that He’ll breathe his life into you and you will live! Imagine crystal clear water surrounded by luscious green grass and rest in that place of healing that God has created for us.  “For He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.” Breathe in the beauty of Saskatchewan and be reminded that where it once was dry, desolate and depressing, it is now prosperous, green and growing!

I pray that you will have hope renewed in the dark moments of despair.  Allow the fresh, living Word of God bring life and health to you from the inside out.  May your mourning be turned into dancing and your sorrow into joy. May your dry bones have new life breathed into them!

I will never forget that day it started to rain… hope was renewed in my heart.  Today, may the rain of God fall fresh on you and bring the refreshment you need. It’s your time to dance. You were made to thrive.

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

Scripture reference: Psalm 23, John 7:38

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