Consistency is the Key to Breakthrough

Consistency is the Key to Breakthrough We are all looking for spring… especially those of us in a rural setting! In spite of a break in the weather, we should probably brace for winter before spring brings its best to our door! With this in mind, I’ve been contemplating snow and more specifically, a snowflake. A snowflake, so intricately designed and no two the same, is such a work of magnificence. Despite its uniqueness and minuscule size, this snowflake that falls to this earth by the thousands and millions can affect us all in so many ways. Too many snowflakes will actually close down very large airports. Too many snowflakes will cripple cities. Too many snowflakes will cause danger and in many cases, can even be the cause of death to people and animals. In the rural areas, we’ve seen our fair share of snowflakes. Many of you may remember when Mortlach bus driver, Brent Eberle along with several school children were stranded during a blizzard in the winter of 1995-96. His story, along with Marilynn Knarr’s narrow escape from freezing to death actually made national news. I, along with my other co-workers, was driving bus during that storm as well. I remember it well. Even one of the parents hitched up his team of horses one day to meet me at the grid road with his daughter in order for her to get to school. There were just too many snowflakes falling that winter. Too many snowflakes make me think of a steady drip of water on a rock. Just as those minute snowflakes build up and cause problems, over time the consistent, incessant drip of water will actually wear a hole in the rock. Proverbs 19:13 says that … a quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping. Gals, how about looking at that constant drip as the words we speak to each other in our homes? It’s in the little things that we can make a difference. We may not think our words of negativity and nagging affect others, yet over time, this will eventually cause breakdown in our children and spouse/partner. The way we conduct ourselves in our homes can have positive or negative long-reaching effects on our marriage, in our relationships, and on our children’s success, confidence and security. Consistency creates a force for breakthrough. Just as a person struggling to lose weight has to take the journey to better health one bite at a time, one step at a time, one pound at a time, so also do we need to create the environment in our homes and families one positive word of reinforcement, a word of thanks or one word of encouragement at a time. Consistency is the key. It is the key to breakthrough. Maybe your marriage is falling apart or your children are causing you a lot of stress. Maybe finances are tight and you just don’t see a way out of the mess you are in. I encourage you to take a different look at your life. Find a different perspective. Try to find something positive in your negative situation. Have an open mind to make some changes in how you talk with those closest to you. As women, many times we are the ones who create the atmosphere in the home. We have the power to impact our families. It is as we consistently choose words of life and blessing, our homes can become heaven on earth. 

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