Dally Inn – Flooring


Update September 21, 2018… PAID IN FULL!  We received a check in the mail for the balance owing to complete the flooring faith project! $4884.31 paid in FULL! A farming couple from Saskatchewan saw our testimony on BVOVN (Believers Voice of Victory Network) and so they checked out the website and saw that we were believing for the flooring project to be completed debt free.  They phoned Ron and were excited to see that there was a ministry near Moose Jaw who were “Word of Faith” and said they wanted to sow the remaining amount into the ministry that was needed to complete the flooring project.  What an awesome story and awesome God we serve!

The total cost of the project was $20, 971.78 as of January 31, 2018 when the project was started. The Board of TLRM sowed a seed and agreed by faith for the finances to come in regarding this project.  We determined not to proceed  until the funds were in.  Initially, we were able to buy all the flooring and then continued with the installation in separate areas as the money came in. The final thrust was the $4884.31 that was needed to complete the large area of the meeting room, which needed to be completed all at once.  Praise the Lord, it all came in one check and we have all the floor installed. (except for the bathrooms which will be another project when we renovate them).
What an exciting testimony of the faithfulness of God! If He can do it for us, He can do it for you!