Youth Leadership/Mentor Day Camp AND Youth Life Skills Day Camp August 11, 12

*** Not a riding program. No previous horse experience required

August 11, 12, 2020 (NOTE: Must register by August 7th)
Youth Leadership/Mentor Day Camp ages 13-17
AND Youth Life Skills Day Camp ages 8-12

NOTE: We will be including the Youth Life Skills Day Camp fro ages 8-12 in this camp as well. (We had to reschedule this camp to this date).
So any children ages 8-17 years are welcome.

Facilitators: Gina Bowler and Denise Arnold
Gina (cell) 306-861-1569
e-mail for prices and to register
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ABOUT – Youth Leadership/Mentor Day Camp

These 1200lb four legged teachers know how to build leaders!! They expect leaders out of those who lead. Working through the objectives in the arena with other team members by the challenges, thinking outside the box, problem solving, focus, common sense along with each others personalities, participants are able to work with each other as a team more effectively and efficiently. All of which increases team morale, and positive team building. This camp is designed to enhance and strengthen the leader within each team member and provide a fun atmosphere to sharpen their skills as leaders.

ABOUT – Youth Life Skills Day Camp

Imagine what the future would hold if we equipped our youth with the foundational tools for life? Skills development is essential to building resilience and long-term quality of life. Life skills development prepares our youth for whatever life throws at them!

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a learner-based educational method to develop life skills where the horse is the teacher- YES, A HORSE. The value of working with horses in the teaching of young people will increase self-awareness and self-development maximizing their full potential. The skills acquired in the arena are easily transferred to experiences in everyday life.

This one-of-a- kind internationally certified program provides & challenges participants with the opportunity to maximize their potential by discovering what lies within them to successfully navigate the course of life.

Why a horse? A horse constantly reacts to the participant’s internal emotions. They don’t judge, they are honest, they don’t lie and they provide instant and honest feedback because they do not overthink a participants motive. Our teachers deliver irrefutable results!!

This unique experiential learning program for youth is not only educational but has been designed for youth to acquire strength based skills such as communication, listening, problem solving, a better understanding of body language, personal boundaries, trust, empathy, confidence and more!

Two days of valuable Life Skills being taught by their teacher “A HORSE”. With each session, safety in horsemanship, building relationships, along with Life’s Skills of confidence, trust, respect, teamwork, boundaries, problem solving and empathy are learned to establish personal growth. This fun interactive learning experience in the arena transfers to everyday life *** this is not a riding program. No previous horse experience is required

*** Not a riding program. No previous horse experience required