Postoned until 2021 Colt Starting Clinic

INSTRUCTOR: Reuben Geleynse
Check out Reuben’s website at

Dates August 1-3, 2020 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Fee: $300.00 ($150.00 non-refundable) includes lunch
Spectators $20.00 per day and $15.00 for lunch.

Maximum of 6 participants.

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This colt starting clinic will be suitable for those who have never started a colt before as well as for those who have started colts before but are just looking for some fresh ideas and/or additional tools. It will be an opportunity for participants to bring a young, unbroke horse of their own and, over three days with direction and guidance from Reuben, bring the horse to the point of being able to be ridden under saddle with some fundamental building blocks in place that will equip the horse to progress in whatever direction one wishes to take it.  

Reuben, whose process is heavily influenced by the teachings of Ray Hunt, Martin Black and Buck Brannaman, will take the time to ensure each participant understands how to develop a thinking horse that learns to search for the right answer and responds appropriately when feeling pressure from the environment around them. “Horses experience pressure every single day in varying degrees. Pressure is necessary to cause movement or action on the part of the horse but it’s the release that tells the horse they’ve made the right choice in response to that pressure” says Reuben. “It’s a really simple concept but it takes some time to really understand it and a lot of horses to develop the timing and refine the feel required to apply that pressure and cause the release at the exact moment each is needed.”

As you and your horse progress through the clinic you will learn how and when to apply pressure and release and you will see that teaching your horse how to think through it and find the answer will instill a lot of confidence in him that will set him up for a lifetime of success.  

Contact Info:

Ron & Lorna Silvester
Ron: 306-631-9396 OR Lorna: 306-631-5396

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