Postponed until 2021 Horsemanship Camp

Must bring your own horse.

August 5-8, 2020
Ages 10-18 years
INSTRUCTOR: Reuben Geleynse

Fee: $345.00 ($150.00 non-refundable)
2nd or 3rd member of same family/same week $275.00

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The focus of the horsemanship clinic will be on fundamental communication skills between horse and rider. The clinic will begin with groundwork exercises and progress to riding. There is no set curriculum other than some foundational concepts and principles that will be covered on the first day and revisited regularly throughout the clinic. Aside from that, this clinic will serve as an opportunity for participants to bring forward and work through any issues or problems they are having or any areas of riding they would like themselves and their horse to improve on. Topics covered during the clinic can range from basic saddling and bridling techniques, to difficulties when trailer loading, to horses that won’t stand still, to picking up the proper lead, to rope handling skills and preparing your horse for ranch roping and anything and everything in between. The goal will be to develop a “thinking horse” and equip the rider with the tools needed to effectively setup an environment where the horse has the opportunity to think through whatever situation he finds himself in and have the best chance at finding the right answer.