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This is the land of promise. After ten years of praying, believing and searching for the place to relocate, Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries found a place to call “home.” Founders, Ron and Lorna Silvester, formerly of Mossbank SK, made a choice to leave their own ranch in search of a piece of land where Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries could be more accessible to people, places and events. The search finally ended in the fall of 2010 when a local Moose Jaw man approached the couple to inquire of their interest in his land. This was indeed an answer to many prayers. Just six minutes east of the outskirts of Moose Jaw, the Ranch is located along the #1 Highway (east of Prairie Storm Paintball). Moose Jaw serves as a hub to the hundreds of small towns and farms in the surrounding region of Saskatchewan.

Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries was founded out of a heart for helping youth. It began as an outreach to local horse-savvy kids who desired to live out on the land for five days, riding through the picturesque country of southern Saskatchewan. Living in tents, cooking over open fires and carrying their belongings on their saddle were an amazing way to spend a summer holiday. After ten summers of just plain hard work and determination, the emphasis turned to a more centralized location on the Silvester’s ranch where they focused on helping youth in rodeo. Rodeo Bible Camps and Rodeo Schools with top-notch instructors were provided for those desiring to learn rodeo skills in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Once again, friendships were made that will last a lifetime.

More than 2,000 young people have come through the gates of Twin Lakes Ranch. Since the sale of Silvester’s ranch, they relocated to the City of Moose Jaw where they continued with their ministry to youth and any one interested in being connected with them. Rodeo schools and clinics were hosted at several different arenas in the local area. Of course, this was not an ideal situation not having a central location to run out of but Ron and Lorna had the privilege of being connected with many amazing people.

After relocating, we started our first full year on the land (2011) with a beginner’s barrel racing clinic, a Rodeo Bible Camp and our 30 Year Homecoming Celebration.  We were blessed with Bill Prankard joining us for that weekend under the big tent! In celebration of this milestone, the Ministry is hosted the “Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries Homecoming” where all those involved over the past thirty years were invited to come celebrate together. What a great year to celebrate how far we’ve come and to look forward with fresh vision, hope and anticipation for where we are headed! Hebrews 6:12 says it is through faith and patience that a promise is inherited. This is truly the story of Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries. This Ministry has entered their Promised Land.

This ranch is a place where the rural and the urban can connect, bringing generations and nationalities together with strong family values. This western platform is a place of healing, restoration and giving people a ‘Future and a Hope.’

Twin Lakes Ranch Ministries is operated by a solid board with members coming from both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. What began as an individual idea of trail rides is blossoming into a full-fledged program offering many facets of sport instruction, conference-type gatherings, educational opportunities and recreational events. “These past ten years have been preparation for what lies ahead,” says Silvester. “We’re very excited about the future. We’ve entered our promised land.”

(Sunset Picture by Jerry Stevens)

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